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Picture Book


        The most noteworthy of the picture book is literary and artistic. It emerged in the late 19th century and began to develop fully in the middle of the 20th century. It is a new style that has emerged in the new era and is woven by traditional high-grade literature and art.


        The text in the picture book is very small, but because of the lack of it, the author's requirements are even higher: it must be concise, use a short text to construct a ups and downs; it must be funny and lively, in line with the children's language habits. Therefore, the author of the picture book is often meticulously scrutinizing the text and tempering it repeatedly. What is more worth talking about is the map. Picture books use pictures to tell stories and bring the art of painting, which originally belonged to the elegant level, to the enjoyment of only a few people, especially to the children. These illustrations are illustrations and techniques elaborated by the illustrators. They emphasize the exquisiteness and detail of the drawings and are original art. It can be said that every page in a good picture book is a fine art.


        In the picture book, it is more than just text. It is to read the story out of the picture and enjoy the painting. Of course, the picture book can not realize all our expectations of the children in an instant, but the high-quality pictures and texts in the picture books are to cultivate the children's cognitive ability, observation ability, communication ability, imagination, creativity, and emotional development, etc. All have incalculable subtle influences.


        Experts agree that the picture book is the best form for children to read. Research in child psychology believes that children’s ability to recognize graphics starts slowly from a very young age. Although the children were illiterate at the time, they already had a certain ability to read pictures. If parents can consciously read the picture books with the children at this time, create a warm environment, read the text for them, and watch pictures and tell stories with them. The children are just beginning to come into contact with high-level figures and texts. They will appreciate the art of drawing in listening to stories and will appreciate the characters and understand literature in appreciation of the pictures. Compared to those fast-food cultures that flash through and only bring a moment of pleasure, appreciation of picture books is undoubtedly a wonderful experience of enjoying the eyes, pleasing the mind, and enhancing the spirit.


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         A exmaple quotation as below .

        EXW price: 1.0 usd/copy     Quantity: 500 copies

        Cover: 250 gsm art paper , full color printing , glossy finish,8 pages

        Text: 157 gsm art paper. full color printing,36 pgaes

        Binding: softcover binding .

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