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On February 23, 1455 Gutenberg's Movable Type Bible Published

Project Gutenberg was originally called yuehanneisi·ladeng, and later his father based on his home estate name, claiming to be the Project Gutenberg. He was born in 1400, born into a wealthy families. Project Gutenberg youth invention of interest by hand. He followed his uncle in bronze. When he made the voluntary dissemination of the Bible in the working people, the invention of printing machine ideas. 1437-1445, he developed metal movable type and printing machinery.
Printed in Gutenberg's immortal masterpiece is his 42-line Bible (die 42-zeilige Bibel, German, shortened to B42). As the existing West first complete printed books of the Bible is seen as the Crown Jewel of the Gutenberg printing press, become a masterpiece of the history of printing in the world. Western language books the researchers commented: "a Gutenberg Bible or Shakespeare's first zheben, its value is enough to equip a modern library. ”。 Spread of Gutenberg is another product of 31 row and ten lines of "indulgences".

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