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Calendar Printing

    From the simplest paperboard binding, the development of PVC, wood, iron, imitation leather, and even the real leather, are really rich variety of forms, dazzling ah! From the simple to view the calendar to now a very popular business gifts, more and more companies have noticed the commercial value of desk calendar, with the deepening of market-oriented, there are more and more manufacturers producing a variety of materials Taiwan has always been filled with this platform is no longer an ordinary market. Not only the backplane material has changed, and even the calendar shape is strange, and some well-crafted desk calendar seems to be a very worthy collection of works of art; some manufacturers to desk calendar and some office supplies together, Such as pen holder, business card case, notepad, etc., the calendar completely turned into a commercial product, which also increased the added value of desk calendar.

    Regardless of the extent to which the calendars' form has evolved, its role is merely to look at calendars and simple notes, and its life expectancy is only up to one year. Therefore, in order to make full use of its value, ordinary calendars You can, but if used as a gift, you can go to choose those special materials calendar.

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