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Adult Coloring Book Printing

Adult coloring book has become popular over thses years, as for as adults' press heavey day by day, they use cloring book to relax as an entertainment. 

Coloring books are a form of adult therapy that have seen a growth in popularity in the 2010s. They reportedly bring people a sense of their childhood, and help with developing fine motor skills and vision, reducing anxiety and creating focus, and relieving stress and anxiety in a manner similar to meditation. Concentrating on coloring may facilitate the replacement of negative thoughts and images with pleasant ones. Coloring books can be used in daily activity. The books are also a way to get away from technology, which some regard as beneficial to people's health. They can be used by people who are uncomfortable with more creatively expressive forms of art.

While coloring books for adults were popular in the early 1960s, those were satirical works rather than the therapeutic works that define the adult coloring book form today. 

The first commercially successful adult coloring books were published in 2012 and 2013, and began increasing in popularity in 2015. In April of that year two such coloring books became the top sellers at Amazon. By November it was reported by that the books were a top wished for item with nine of the top ten consisting of such books. Also that month Crayola began offering its own line of adult coloring books. Publishers also began packaging some of their colouring books with pencils and CDs.  Sales in the US continued to grow in early 2016, but began to fall by year end, with less newcomers trying the pastime.

Adult coloring books are offered digitally, via ebooks, digital apps, and coloring pages that can be colored online or downloaded. Users' digital work-products can be saved and shared.Dominic Bulsuto theorized that the trend of digital purchasing helped the spread of the genre, noting that the relative anonymous nature of the act allowed customers to feel more secure perusing books they would be embarrassed to buy in real life.

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