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Printing industry is still promising

Promoted by automation, artificial intelligence and other information technologies, the printing industry has made continuous progress, turning challenges into leaping steps. In the past 2017, the total volume of global packaging and printing market was US $49 trillion. In the next five years, packaging and printing will still be in the stage of industrial transformation and upgrading, and the total volume is expected to drop slightly to $48 trillion by 2022.     

Global offset printing is expected to decline by 10.2% from 2008 to 2017, while digital printing is expected to grow by 68.1%. This is because the trend of digital printing in improving productivity and reliability makes digital printing more cost-effective at higher operating costs. Digital printing can be produced quickly without plate making time and reduces the time turnover cost of work.            In 2018, packaging and printing industry will stand on a new starting point, in the face of coexisting challenges and opportunities, we look forward to the new year's printing market to make greater progress and breakthroughs.

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