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Graphic Technology,Printing Technique

    Printing technology is the process of copying text images in batches by printing, printing and printing.

    The broad interpretation of printing technology is that printing technology is the general term for printing and printing equipment.The printing process and printing equipment are interdependent and mutually reinforcing. In short, printing process cannot be separated from the printing press.Printing presses are inseparable from printing.The printing technology of ancient and modern times is such a continuous development.

    The technical staff of the printing plant not only have to be skilled in printing process skills, but also should master the knowledge of printing process equipment (printing presses).Printing machine manufacturing factory, on the other hand, technical personnel, not only good at} {press printing process equipment design and production skills, but also should master printing process knowledge, the combination of the better, the more fine printing technology knowledge, development of new technologies, new products developed the better.Therefore, it is important to fully understand the meaning of standard terms.


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