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Four printing modes

            What are the four printing methods?The basic concept and application direction of lithography, intaglio printing, letterpress printing and screen printing.Lithographic printing: that is, offset printing, is a printing plate on the graphic part and non-graphic part almost in a plane, using the principle of oil and water repel each other for ink transfer, printed on the substrate.Is the most commonly used printing method, can be used for newspapers, packaging, posters, books, magazines and other printing.Intaglio printing: to carve a concave dot on a metal drum, store the ink, and transfer it to the substrate.Can be used for tobacco and wine labels, stamps, COINS, sugar paper, high-grade plastic and other high requirements of printing.Letterpress: printing using letterpress (a raised plate with text and text).Letterpress for short.Can be used for wrapping paper, adhesive, paper cup, etc.Screen printing: also known as orifice printing and screen printing, printing is done by pressing the ink through the holes in the orifice plate.

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