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Five Kinds of Printing

Folding inkjet printing

Inkjet printing is an efficient special printing method, it can be applied to the packaging industry production line, quickly print production date, batch number and bar code and so on. Is a non-contact, no pressure, no printing version of the printing. The information stored in the computer can be printed by typing an inkjet printer.

Digital technology continues to progress, inkjet printing has also developed rapidly, some technical problems have been a perfect solution, which makes the quality of inkjet printing products have a qualitative leap. Using the latest JDF production standards, inkjet printing equipment is also very easy to integrate into the entire printing plant digital production process, in order to achieve better equipment control, to achieve higher production efficiency.

Folding security printing

It can be said that in the field of packaging and printing, security printing has a crucial role. If the general product needs a significant product identification, then a lot of high-end products would have to need a comprehensive anti-counterfeiting system. Anti-counterfeiting printing is a comprehensive anti-counterfeiting technology, is a special printing of a branch. Refers to the use of printing means to prevent unauthorized permission to copy, copy or forge.

Anti-counterfeiting printing in the packaging and decoration products widely used in printing, and as people continue to improve brand awareness and intellectual property protection efforts to increase, I believe that security printing will have great market prospects.

Folding label printing

Self-adhesive label is the packaging and decoration industry commonly used materials. In China, the current trademark printing mainly stickers mainly stickers, with the diversification of trademarks, high-grade, other printing methods have gradually joined.

Folding metal products

Metal printing is a special printing method for printing materials. Because of its high cost, generally used for luxury packaging, so its profits are higher. At present, the metal printing printing materials in the gradual increase in new materials continue to emerge. No matter what kind of material, the printing process is different from the paper printing, the domestic use of offset printing, transfer printing, screen printing and flexible printing.

Folding paper packaging printing

This area accounts for the majority of the share of packaging and decoration printing, but also the application of special printing technology less areas, but in this area we can also use innovative ideas to create more value. As the development of earlier, carton printing and cardboard printing technology has been more mature, most of the printing plant have the production capacity of this product. Packaging on the decorative patterns, patterns or text, in order to make the product more attractive or more illustrative.

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