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Color management

Color management

The so-called color management refers to the use of the combination of software and hardware to automatically manage and adjust the color in the production system to ensure the consistency of color throughout the process. Taking the CIE chromaticity space as the reference color space, the feature file records the color characteristics of the input or output of the device, and uses the application software and third-party color management software as the color control tool of the user.


Color management has two aspects: First, it is determined by the basic requirements of traditional color reproduction, that is, basic setting and selection according to the color reproduction characteristics determined by paper, ink and other printing conditions (including tone reproduction, gray balance). And color correction, etc.), the purpose is to adapt the color separation and printing conditions; the second is based on the automatic color management of the desktop [1] publishing system or graphic design system, that is, software color calibration of the device, Perform characteristic ratios for different color spaces for color transfer for different input devices for optimal color matching.


Management of color quality of industrial products. The content includes the selection, testing, color measurement, determination of the color of the finished color, the allowable range of the error and the color sample, the statistics and finishing of the color. Strict color management is essential in the production and application of various color materials, printing, finishing, dyeing, color TV, color photography, color adjustment, etc. Methods include color management for color measurement (using test methods) and on-site color management (using color scales).


The main goal of color management is to achieve color matching between different input devices, including various scanners, digital cameras, Photo CDs, etc.; to achieve color matching between different output devices. Including color printers, digital proofing machines, digital printing machines, conventional printing machines, etc.; to achieve the consistency of the display color of different displays, and enable the display to accurately predict the output color of the output; finally achieve high-quality color matching from scanning to output.

The purpose of color management is to achieve WYSIWYG.


For color management, you basically need to go through three steps in sequence. These three steps are called "3C", namely "Calibration", "Characterisation" and "Conversion".


1. Correction and characterization of input devices.

2. Correction and characterization of the display.

3. Correction and characterization of printing proofing equipment.

4. Color conversion.


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