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Chen lijun, dangdang: e-books and paper books are not substitutes, but complementary

E-books can make dangdang better for readers

Chen Lijun, said the mobile Internet era, dangdang understanding of users is much easier than the age of the Internet, because every cell phone to let everyone use separate accounts to buy books, but in practice, code phenomenon will still exist, such as the husband will bring wife two to buy books, or code to the child.

Although dangdang can according to customer's buying habits is analyzed roughly that is for the user use books, those are for other people to buy, but, after all, there will be error, and sell the users exactly have read the book are unknown.

But in "dangdang reading" on the other hand, every time the user clicks, reading time is recorded at a time, user exactly like the book, the book belongs to the impulsive consumer be clear at a glance, these data can better guide dangdang book choosing books, push.

E-books and paper books are not substitutes, but complementary

Chen believes that although e-books have many advantages, e-books still can't replace paper books, and the relationship between e-books and paper books should be complementary.

Children's books are currently irreplaceable, Chen said. Chinese children have poor eyesight, which is related to poor eyesight.

Paper books can protect children's vision better than e-books.

And it's hard for ebooks to reproduce the color, layout, size and even texture of a paper book, which can give children an intuitive feel, many children's books and interactive effects that e-books can't achieve.

On the other hand, there are many popular class reading, is attractive, but most of the readers to read it again will not be read, or some tools books, large volume, is very important but not often use, so reading books would probably be made into paper in the form of electronic transmission.

Mr. Chen said e-books are developing at a very fast pace, but the book is accelerating, which is different from previous expectations.

In the early days of e-books, many people in the industry thought that there would be no paper books in five years.

The latest figures suggest that while e-books are booming, paper sales are growing, not just in sales, but also in sales.

This means that the reading population is more extensive now, which is partly related to the convenience of buying, Chen said.

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