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Binding Methods for softcover book

Binding Methods 

                                                                                        -softcover Book 

(1) Folding 

This is the first process of binding, regardless of the use of any binding method, must be folded first, then you can do the nexr process. The so-called folding, that is a printed sheet in accordance with the size of the book, folded into the required specifications. The size of the page and the book of the different, the number of folding pages with different. And we usually use the folding machine to fold the sheet. its speed is very fast. In general, they can fold about 8,000-10,000 sheets in 1 hour. 

(2) Collating/ Automatic 

Assembling Collating is meaning that match a book of the pages by pages order together.  There is a black mark the the back of each pages, it is used to check whether the pages is collating correct. Because marks of each pages position is different, if the book is collating is correct, the black marks will be trapezoid, so we can easy to find it. 

(3) Sewing/ Thread Sewing 

Thread Sewing is sewing the interior pages together. After threading sewing, the black is very loose, which requires a layer of gauze. At this point, even if the processing of the book core is completed. Some hardcover book also to add the silk ribbon, cut rounded corners, gold gilding and other processes. 

(4) Lamination or varnish and others 

After Printing, we usually mounted a lamination, such gloss lamination, matt lamination, gloss varnishing and so on. 

(5) Making the cover

A. For Prefect bound book, the inner pages are not be thread sewn, after assemble the pages, put them into the softcover machine directly. then trim to size.

B. For sewing softcover book, after sewing, put the inner pages into softcover machine, then trim to size. 

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