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Analytical Process of Printing

Printing is the technology which make the pictures, photo, and other original plate, ink, pressure and other processes through ink that transferred to the paper, fabric, leather and other materials on the surface, bulk copy of the original content. There are many forms of printing are divided into: traditional offset printing, screen printing, digital printing and so on.

The printing process can also be said to be visual, tactile information printing copy of the whole process, including prepress, printing, finishing and sending. Is a collection of photography, art, technology, chemistry, electronics, computer software, hardware technology, coupled with the consideration of environmental complexity and test a super technology. That is, through the co-ordination, photography, word processing and art design, editing, color separation, plate making, printing, post-press processing, bulk reproduction of art, text, image technology.
Printing, as a kind of image and text reproduction technology, its social significance is that it replicates the text and the image at the same time record and spread the corresponding history and culture, therefore, the earliest printing technology country must be the ancient civilization of human civilization. Printing as a practical technology used to copy the Chinese invented, we are familiar with the seal that is its early embryonic form. Seal in the history of our country appeared early, about in the Yin Dynasty that has a large number of metal, stone, pottery, bone and other production of the seal. The early seal is mostly Yin Wen, that is, the text concave in the printed surface, and later appeared in the seal, that is, the text protruding from the printed surface, the seal in the history of the main function is used as a mark or mark proof, not to copy as the main The purpose of the form of technology, but the simple seal contains the copy technology in the relief and gravure of the profound principles of the invention of the printing technology in the Indian concept is very important inspiration.

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