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A common technique for picture album printing

A common technique for picture album printing

 The cover of picture album is the most important part in the whole book. The cover design visual effect good books can give enterprise image have a very good foil effect, but also give customers a trustworthy tactility, exquisite cover will give consumers a deep impression, consumer psychology to allude, the effect of effective promotion enterprise, brand or product, improve sales performance.

Here are the common picture album printing technique:

1. Lamination

There are 2 types of lamination: Gloss Lamination & Matt Lamination

After lamination, the paper will be more smoother and flexible,  we will have a high-grade feeling. At the same time, the paper also has the function of waterproof, anti-fouling, folding and corrosion resistance.

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2. UV

The UV Varnishing is meaning print ink on the paper, and spot UV can highlight keywords, logo, picture, etc., after UV Varnishing, the picture or words have a high gloss effect, comprehensive effect of feeling, texture, artistic feeling and anti-scratch.

3. Hot Stamping (Foiling Stamping)

We usually foiling/ hot stamping the logo, picture, words, etc. on the cover, and the picture, logo, words will be more clear, beautiful, colorful and wear-resisting.

4. Emboss/ Deboss

It is an important process in machining process after pattern and Concave Printing, and it is a kind of mold, make the paper deformation under certain pressure, make it have beautiful stereo, increase the pattern of the hierarchy and Artistic rendering.

5. Die Cutting

The method of carving out a piece of paper to make it look like a complete picture from the outside, with a high visual impact, highlight the design theme.

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